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About BuildVendor

BuildVendor is a unique and comprehensive online database for Russian and international construction and fit-out professionals. It provides a handy and quick-to-reference resource to locate and contact vendors of all types of construction materials and services across the region and internationally.

Every possible material or service that you will need, as a General Contractor, as a contractor of any stripe on a construction project, you can find it here. We charge no commissions and our only interest is to put buyers in direct contact with sellers. We include building materials, we include building services (architectural and engineering, structural and acoustic for instance). For vendors, we charge a small standard annual or semi-annual fee for placement. For premium placement, on the home page or for larger placements, we charge a slightly higher fee.

You can search the BuildVendor database by material type, by name or location of the supplier. You can further search it by lead-times of delivery or by category. Any criteria that a construction vendor needs to find the correct and most reliable vendor for his materials and services, you can use it here.

Our site is bilingual, searchable in either Russian or English, for both domestic and international vendors. Use it, enjoy it and we’ll improve it according to your comments. Explore!